This page will have a short description of the geology of the ranch, along with links to some of the key references.

In the meantime, the two links below are too cool to wait. The main US Geological Survey (USGS) quadrangle maps covering the ranch and surrounds have been made available in kmz format and can be viewed as a 3D overlay in Google Earth. Assuming that you have Google Earth installed (and that it is the application associated with kmz files), click on the link and select open. After downloading, GE should open and you will see the USGS link in your Temporary Places folder. Right click on the included “Map” folder and adjust the Transparency unit you can make out the underlying satellite and road network.

Pending your webmaster finding a good way to share the legend for the color-coding on these maps, you’ll have to go to the source:

For the general stratigraphic definitions covering the area (which the above publications may or may not be consistent with), go to New and Revised Stratigraphic Names in the Santa Rita Mountains of Southeastern Arizona by Harald Drewes (1968), USGS Bulletin 1274-C.

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